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High-quality, faith-based virtual education tailored for homeschooling and high achieving students

Included With Every Class

High-Quality, Interactive Learning

The interactive nature of our courses create an engaging learning enviroment that inspires students to achieve their potential.

Experienced Educators

Our teaching staff have the experience and qualifications to help your student reach the highest levels of success in education and industry.

Faith-Based Perspective

Our courses are grounded in a faith-based perspective.  The unified Christian world view provides students with a clear view of Gods handywork in every course. 

Social Connections

With our unique social learning platform students are able to make life-long friends, share experiences and learn together in a safe space.

Mobile App

With integrated mobile technologies, students can learn on the go.

Exploration experiences

Each course is designed with optional exploration experiences to enhance opportunities for engagement, inspiration and social development.

Course Spotlight: Biology with Lab

hands, macro, plant

Explore the intricacies of life with Biology 101. Experience hands-on labs, explore the latest discoveries, and learn the truth about the created world we live in.

Silhouette of People during Golden Hour

Social Network

Join the network and experience the fun! Each class offers the opportunity to make new friends, explore common interests and adventure together. Stay connected with friends from previous classes on the social platform and come along an adventure when you are able.  

Calm senior woman and teenage girl in casual clothes looking at each other and talking while eating cookies and cooking pastry in contemporary kitchen at home

Academic Advising

Set up a time to meet with the academic counselor.  Make sure your set to graduate on time or plan your college hack. Academic advising offers:

Individual 4 year plans for High School 

College Application and personal statment review.

Carreer Counseling Assessment

Help dealing with social issues

Help with learning and academic challenges

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Each course has a end of the course outing that provides unique opportunities for enhanced experience and social interaction. Take a course and join the fun. Trip examples include: 

Exploring Marine Biology in Florida

Visiting NASA  

Go Sailing 

Experiences the birth of a foal

Hike a tropical forest 

Visit to a gross anatomy lab 

Tour a research institute (Scripps, Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson)

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality, integrated, faith-based education available.


John Suchland


Dr. Suchland has taught science education for over 30 years. During this time, his students have enjoyed his hands-on approach to learning and been inspired to achieve their full potential. He is passionate about teaching the truth about Gods creation in science and enjoys pointing out the intricacies that point to intelligent design. His courses will inspire you and ground your faith that God did great you for greatness. 


"I really enjoyed Dr. Suchland course on Human Physiology. After taking it, I fell much more prepared for medical school."


"Joining CEA was one of the best decisions I've made for my high-school education. The blend of up-to-date science with faith perspectives provided a balanced and enriching learning experience. The professors are incredibly supportive, and the virtual labs were just as engaging as in-person ones!"

Jordan T., High School Senior

"As a homeschooling parent, finding a curriculum that aligns with our values while also ensuring top-notch education has always been a challenge. CEA perfectly bridges that gap. My daughter thrived in the Biology with Lab course, and we're looking forward to enrolling in more courses soon!"

Mrs. Elaine P., Homeschooling Parent

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