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What is the primary focus of your online academy?
Our academy specializes in virtual high-school and college-level health science courses, tailored especially for home-school based students with a unique blend of current scientific knowledge and traditional faith-based perspectives.
How does the “Biology with Lab” online course work?
The course is a combination of interactive video lessons, virtual lab experiments, quizzes, and assignments. Students will delve into both theoretical knowledge and practical experiments, all facilitated virtually.
How do you integrate a faith-based perspective into the science curriculum?
We believe in a holistic education. While our syllabus includes the latest scientific discoveries and theories, we also integrate discussions and content that align with traditional faith-based perspectives, providing a comprehensive educational experience.
Can the courses be taken by international students?
Absolutely! Our courses are open to students worldwide. All lessons are in English, so a proficient understanding of the language is essential.
Who are the educators behind the courses?

Our courses are led by highly-qualified professors who have extensive experience in online education and currently teach for multiple reputable online universities.

Do students need any special equipment or software for the courses?
While no special equipment is required, students will need a stable internet connection, a computer or tablet, and the recommended browsers and plugins, which will be listed upon enrollment.
Are there live sessions with the professors or is everything pre-recorded?
Our academy offers a mix of both. There are pre-recorded lectures for students to learn at their own pace, as well as scheduled live sessions for real-time interactions, discussions, and Q&A with the professors.
How long are the courses and what is the expected weekly time commitment?
Each course duration may vary, but on average they span a semester. The expected weekly time commitment is around 8-10 hours, which includes lectures, assignments, and study time.

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